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香港牙醫學會 黃永標

香港 牙醫學會 95-97 年度 董事會


Wong William Wing Bill


Lillian Low


Chan Sai Kwing


Lau Wai Sum Eilliy


曾文珊 Chan Nancy Boon San

鄭淇德 Cheng Kee Tak Percy

梁瑞光 Leung Shui Kwong Peter

黎應華 Lai Ying Wah Patrick




牙醫學會 黃永標害人的新聞稿

Press Release

The Council of Hong Kong Dental Association has learned from the news media that one of the members, Dr. Cecilia Young Yau-yaum, has put herself up for the Legislative Council seat of the Medical Functional Constituency and the council wishes her the best of luck in her most noble attempt to serve the medical & dental profession in Hong Kong. She has been an ordinary member of the HKDA since her graduation in June 1994.

The Hong Kong Dental Association is, however,  not aware of Dr Young’s election platform. Furthermore, she has no past record in which we can judge her performance and will no doubt, receive the necessary information from Dr Young in due course.

The Council takes a stand to support the candidate who is the most capable person in helping the HKDA to address its issues and to achieve its goals for the medical and dental profession as a whole and willing to serve the people of Hong Kong

寄件人: HKDA <hkda@hkda.org>

收件人: “ceciliatyp@yahoo.com.hk” <ceciliatyp@yahoo.com.hk>

傳送日期: 2005年10月21日星期五 下午5:26:39 [GMT+8]

主旨: Re: letter to Dr William Wong

19 October 2005

Dr Wong Wing Bill, William

Suite 512, Prince’s Building

10 Chater Road


Hong Kong

Fax: 2845 7058

Dear Bill,

Enclosed please find a letter addressed to you from Dr Cecilia Young which is self explanatory.

As the incident happened ten years ago, we do not have a clear understanding of what the issue is and therefore not in a suitable position to arbitrate this long standing dispute between both parties. Please respond to Dr. Young’s request at your earliest convenience as the present newly formed Council is engaged with other pressing matters.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Tony KH Fok

Honorary Secretary

Hong Kong Dental Association

cc: Dr Cecilia Young

Dr Vincent Leung, President

Dr Sigmund Leung, Vice President

Dr Wong Chi Wai, Honorary Treasurer

—– Original Message —–

From: Cecilia Young

To: hkda@hkda.org

Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2005 2:52 PM

Subject: letter to Dr William Wong

Please forward this email to William Wong

William Wong

c/o HKDA present council members

Dr William Wong,

I am writing to give you the last chance to appologise to me in all newspapers

in Hong Kong.

I did not know you before 1995, but I did know you suddently came for election of HKDA presidency. You asked Dr Yuen Wai Keung, a classmate of mine, to request me to support you for the election. I had no information of you. I felt strange why a dentist suddenly came for election without any previous contribution in years before. I saw blackmailing letters without signature in the field.

May be John was not good enough but I really believe he would not abuse the capacity of HKDA that’s why I supported him at that moment. Unfortunately, you won minimally but enough to be the president.

You secretly sent the press release in an odd manner to mislead the public with no signature. You abused the capacity of HKDA just like what I thought you might be. Every thing was within my prediction.

You are not capable to be a real president, but more than enough to take advantage as much as you could. You thought you can lead the whole field to against me. Even you could but I don’t care.

I never afraid of a huge crowd to scream against me, I haven’t changed. You

really make me feel very unhappy not because of the damage. You make me feel totally not interested in dentists in Hong Kong. Not interested in serving them, not interested in talking with them, felt unhappy when I attended seminars and lectures and sat in the crowd. I need to leave the hotel to have lunch myself and did not want to see their faces during having meals.

Good, you did it but I do not care. I must put strong emphasis, I have the right to take part in all election and do not need your permission or support. I do not need to send platforms, plans and schedules to you.

Please tell me you are going to take part in any election of precidency in any association, federations and swimming clubs which I am a member of. I do not have time to find out which orgainization you have joined. Give me enough time to withdraw. I am not afraid of you and any huge crowd but I do not have time to take any action.

If I were you, I would send an appology to all media in Hong Kong. The following is a simple draft:

I am William Wong. I sent a press release to media in Hong Kong before the Legco election in 1995. I  mentioned that Cecilia Young was a member of HKDA. It was not appropriate since she had not permit me to do so. I mentioned she had not send her platform to me. She did not need my support and did not ask for my support.

She did not need my support but her election agent sent her platform to HKDA when I invited her to sit in a forum held by the HKDA

I appologise to her and will be responsible for any damage cause.

It is a very mild draft for your inspiration. Amend it if necessary. You have to face what you have done. You have to take your responsibility even you want the HKDA support your action.

Even the whole HKDA support you and make a press release to claim you were totally supported by them, I will still tell the public it was happened afterwards.  I will stick the original press release to them and tell them the nature of HKDA.

Take your own responsibility. I am not going to forgive you but you must make the appology. You have to face the result of your words anyway. If you do not make it. I will make an announcement.

Reply in a month by 16 Nov, 2005. I will take action if  I do not have any reply from you through the HKDA.

Cecilia Young




楊幽幽 Cecilia Young Yau Yau

1.香港 牙醫學會 是一間有限公司,不是監管機構,牙醫由自己意願加入該會,享受會員福利。牙醫可以加入或不加入各種學會。





6. 本人沒有要求黃永標支持,亦不需要對方的支持,對於黃永標於傳媒中聽見本人參選而發放此英文新聞稿中,特別其中…with no doubt, receive the necessary information from Dr. Young in due course….,深表遺憾,







梁訓成醫生代表香港 牙醫學會 認輸

楊幽幽 Cecilia Young Yau Yau

Hong Kong Dental Association (Ltd) 香港 牙醫學會 (有限公司)

Duke Of Windsor Social Service Building, 8/F., 15 Hennessy Rd., H.K. Tel : (852) 2528 5327 Fax: (852) 2529 0755      E-mail Address: hkda@hkda.org

香港軒尼詩道十五號溫莎公爵社會服務大廈八樓      電話: (852) 2528 5327  圖文傳真: (852) 2529 0755  電子郵件: hkda@hkda.org


26 October 2006

Dr. Chan Sai Kwing

Department of Health

Hong Kong

Dear Dr. Chan

Re : Dr Cecilia Young’s Claim against HKDA through Small Claim Tribunal regarding the Newspaper Announcement on 30 December 2015

Please be informed  that Dr. Cecilia Young is trying to claim the cost incurred in placing the 2 newspaper advertisements, namely Mingpao and Metro Post, from HKDA regarding her candidacy in the election for the First Medical (& Dental) Functional Constituency Representative of the Hong Kong Legislative Council ten years ago during your tenure as HKDA Honorary Secretary.

During the third hearing of litigation at the Small Claim Tribunal with Dr. Cecilia Young on 12 October 2016, Dr. Cecilia Young produced a statement written by Ho Fu Yee, a Sing Pao reporter. The reporter interpreted the statement written by Dr. William Wong “will no doubt, receive the necessary information from Dr Young in due course” as Dr. Cecilia Young, being an HKDA member, must provide her election platform to HKDA.

If the court does not receive any witness statement from you and other Members of the Council who have knowledge on this issue within 21 days, i.e. by 1 November 2006, the court will most probably rule that HKDA will lose the case to Dr. Cecilia Young.

Since you were the then Henorary Secretary during that period, the witness statements provided by you will definitely enhance our defence.

You faithfully,

For and on behalf of HKDA

Dr. Vincent Leung

President (2005-2007)

Hong Kong Dental Association

C:\COC\Cecilia Young\VL\CC\CSK



記者何富彝為其中一名受 牙醫學會 誤導記者

本人何富彝曾任《壹周刊》香江百人誌研究及撰稿員 (1991至1992) 《信報》(中港政評版編、醫療寰宇版記者、中國新聞、政策政情版編輯。)1993至2005,現任職《成報》港聞版靜態組記者。

當我看見香港 牙醫學會 所發出的新聞稿(附件),該文稿給我的感覺是該會對牙科醫生有監管責任。楊幽幽醫生參選當年立法局醫學界代表,需要向香港牙醫學會提交政綱,且隱含有決定予否的含義。




楊幽幽 Cecilia Young Yau Yau

Termination of the case between Dr. Cecilia Young and HKDA at Small Claims Tribunal


Regarding Dr. Cecilia Young’s candidacy in the election for the Medical Functional Constituency Representative of the Hong Kong Legislative Council ten years ago, members of the present HKDA Council came to understand that the Council of 1995-1997 had neither the authority nor the intention to ask Dr. Young to give any submission in order to stand for the 1995 Legco Election. It was so unfortunate that the drafted press release created misunderstanding., which raised some unhappiness and frustration to Dr. Young. We deeply regret that such a misunderstanding had occurred. The long-standing case is now resolved and finally settled.


HKDA Council (2005-2007)
































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正確使用氨素,氟素以外牙紋防蛀劑填補牙紋縫隙,牙齒重疊最需要徹底清潔,牙齒磨損,對牙菌膜的監測,簡介牙髓的各種測試,淺談口腔以外的牙科X光,口腔以內的牙科X光,牙髓死亡,淺析咬合垂直距離,牙痛, 到底哪裡痛,能不能忍一時之痛,空姐, 活動假牙托下不應有壞牙腳,氟斑齒的處理方法,注意有否刷蝕牙齒,牙齒消炎丸到底是甚麼.,楊幽幽, 正確使用抗生素,箍牙會唔會失敗, 處理接近神經線的阻生智慧齒,脫牙流血不止,正確清潔牙齒及牙肉邊緣,牙科手術儀器的消毒程序,牙科用具其他消毒程序,黏液囊腫,看見和看不見的蛀牙切除部分牙腳手術,切除部分牙腳手術 2,如何清潔牙腳分岔位 上,如何清潔牙腳分岔位 下,牙線功能成疑,透明牙箍, 美白牙膏去牙漬,洗牙真的很痛嗎,清刮牙腳,再談清刮牙腳,箍牙會唔會失敗, 洗牙流血只因牙肉發炎,口腔腫塊–牙齦瘤,口腔腫塊–乳突瘤,口腔內的黑色素—牙齦的黑色素沉澱,G6PD缺乏症與牙科治療,頭頸癌放化治後牙科問題,關愛基金改善政策使長者更受惠,關愛基金改善政策使長者更受惠, 甩牙,削牙,牙罅,攝牙罅,崩牙,撞崩牙,撞崩棚牙,乸牙,蝕牙,爆牙,吉牙肉,頂牙肉,刮損牙肉,刮牙肉穿窿,哨牙,凹左,凹牙牙肉凸起 香港牙醫學會

腫哂一點點,黑點,咬親,甩左,坐係度都痛污糟,梗住,撼親,口臭,起水泡,整損,損左,撞親,鑽牙,爛牙,箍牙會唔會失敗, 壞牙,疊牙,畸形,畸形牙,唔夠白,偏黃,牙唔齊,兔仔牙,裂開,條脷,刮親條脷,隻牙好鬆,就黎甩,剝牙,自己甩出黎,嵌塞 牙縫刷 腎病 致命牙齒脫位 膿 退縮 戒煙, 箍牙, 骨質疏鬆 腫脹 四環素染色 楊幽幽牙科醫生 更薄的牙齒 刮舌板 牙齒長出 牙齒不可逆性牙髓炎 水氟化, 透明牙箍, X光對生育期內婦女的影響, 什麼年紀最適合箍牙, 假牙, 傷口處理, 公共衛生教育, 剝牙, 副作用, 口腔種植, 成人矯齒成效如何, 止血, 正確刷牙及使用牙線方法, 楊幽幽牙科醫生口腔教育系列 注意事項, 洗牙流血點解, 活動假牙托, 流血不止, 滿口牙套可以箍牙嗎, 漂牙, 牙周病, 牙周病患者是否可以箍牙. 透明牙箍有用嗎, 牙柱, 牙橋, 牙痛, 牙瘡, 牙肉流血, 牙醫, 牙骹, 種牙, 空姐接觸的宇宙射線會否影響胎兒, 笑容, 箍牙會唔會失敗, 脫牙, 蛀牙, 關節 好唔好  香港牙醫學會




  1. Maymay05 說:


  2. george 說:

    1995年香港立法局選舉 廉政公署沒有調查黃永標.

  3. cindy 說:

    is it criminal for defamation during Legco election? ICAC?

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